A brief outlook about The Basque Country

You can learn a little more about The Basque Country which is located in the North of Spain, Europe by wathing this video.


So, in order to take a brief outlook of this amazing place, have a look at those pictures, please, and ask the following questions:

  1. Classify the video images by topics. Name, at least, three of them.
  2. Identify, at least, five places, buildings or monuments you can watch on this animation.
  3. Speaking about gastronomy, make a menu by the photos you can see: First course, Second course and Dessert.
  4. Going on cooking, name, at least, one of each type and list the ingredients which are neccesary to cook them.
  5. Talking about sports, which sports are popular in The Basque Country? Are they played in other places all over the world? Where? Name, at least, three of them.
  6. Football is also a very important sport there (like in other countries). Write a short essay telling who the main football teams are, where they are, and to which cities they belong.
  7. Listening to music, the song we listen to is called “Oriko Xoria” (The Yellow Bird) and it is played by a famous Basque folk group called “Oskorri”. Find some information about who they are, which instrument they play…
  8. About who they are from, and when they retired…
  9. Name, at least, five famous songs of this group.
  10. What are the most popular music instruments in The Basque Country’s festivals?
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